Nov 15

Father, I thank You that what Paul said is true for me today.   I no longer have to approach You as in Moses’ time, where anyone who touched even the mountain where You were had to be killed.  But now, I can approach You in joy!  You have done with Your precious blood what the blood of goats and lambs could not.  I can now come to You directly, and hear Your voice without perishing.

And one thing You have said is “Once more I will shake not only the earth but also the heavens”.  Paul explains this as “The words ‘once more’ indicate the removing of what can be shaken – that is, created things – so that what cannot be shaken will remain.”  I believe what Paul said is getting closer and closer to actually happening.  Maybe even in my lifetime.

So Father, do not let me put too much value in things that can be shaken: possessions, politics, governments, worldly fame.  Prepare me for that time.  I rejoice with Paul that I am “receiving a kingdom that cannot be shaken”.  And that I will be with You for eternity.

Until that time comes, Father, help me see with Your eyes, from Your perspective: what is important and what is not.  Give me guidance and wisdom to be the best wife and mother and friend I can be.  When You show me something to do, give me the focus and energy to be able to follow through on whatever it is.   If I am not inclined to be obedient, change my view, my inclination.

Help me live as Paul suggests.  The things he mentions are very big and sometimes difficult to accomplish.  Direct me in efforts to “live in peace with all men” (and women).   Even when I feel wronged.  Even when circumstances seem unjust.  Help me “be holy”.  Let me see myself as Your creation, set apart for Your purposes.  As Your servant, help me let go of things: hurts, anger, disappointment and jealousy so that “no root of bitterness” is left to poison me or my relationships.

Let my life be a testimony of Your grace so others will see and be drawn to You.  Keep me morally and sexually pure in my actions and attitudes.  Let me always consider what You would have me do in response to any circumstance, rather than just react from an emotional place.

These are tough assignments.  And Father, I need Your help in my life right now!  Thank You that I can approach You every time I need support in any of these areas.  You are my help.  And there is none like You.  Amen

Hebrews 12:14-29