Nov 30 Walk in the light

Father, thank You that You are light.  That You are The Light!  I desire to walk in Your light.  I understand that there is nothing that you do not already know, nothing is hidden from You.  Even if I were to walk in the darkness, You would still see everything.   When there is sin in my life, sin is darkness, and since I do not want to be in the dark, I will confess my sin before You.

light-on-manI am like a sheep that strays from the safety of its shepherd.  You are my Shepherd.  Father, seek me when I get lost.  Return me to Your presence.

When I agree with You about what is sin in my life, and turn from it, You are faithful to forgive that sin and restore my fellowship with You.  Again, thank You.

Like the Psalmist, my prayer is “May my cry come before You” so You would “give me understanding according to Your Word”.   When I cannot see what direction to go, Father, shine Your light on the path I should take.  Help me recognize the difference between light and darkness so I can avoid the darkness.

Father, “may my lips overflow with praise” and “my tongue sing of Your Word”.  Do not let me forget to be thankful, acknowledging when You rescue me, when You reveal truth to me, when You encourage me.  Remind me to not only ‘stop and smell the roses’ but to express my gratitude to the Creator for the roses and for a nose.

“Let me live that I may praise You”!  My Creator.  My Encourager.  My Teacher.  My Rescuer.  My Restorer.  My Shepherd.  My Light!  Amen

I John 1:1-10; Psalm 119:169-176