Jan 13 I am Your child


Lord God, thank You that You are my heavenly Father. Thank You that You love me as Your child. And thank You that in that very love You make godly correction to my path when I stray from You.

I have such a negative impression of ‘discipline’ because it has come to be identified with punishment or abuse of power. On earth this is often true. But when You, my heavenly Father discipline me, it is to correct, teach, encourage me to be on the path of becoming more like You – a ‘disciple’ of You.

That does not mean that the lessons are easy to learn, or that I enjoy it, or even that I catch on right away. As a child often does not understand when a parent insists on behavior issues that provide for safety, like running out into the street, so I may not see the benefit of Your instruction right away. Sometimes Your discipline feels like a step backward, or a delay in what I perceive to be the right way. Help me stop and ask for Your perspective when I don’t understand something. Help me see from Your viewpoint; what is happening, and how I should respond.

I do desire to be seen as a disciple of Almighty God, Jesus Christ, the Holy One. And I’m the first to admit that my life does not look like that now. So I welcome Your instruction, Your course corrections, Your rebuke, and Your discipline. Help me learn quickly when You have something to tell me or teach me. Help me be willing to change direction when I am going the wrong way. I know that You delight in me and love me. And that You discipline those You love. Help me embrace that love. Amen

Proverbs 3:11-12