Feb 19 Let me hear


“Whoever has ears to hear, let him hear.”

Father, thank You for giving me ears to hear. Help them to be tuned in to Your frequency so I can hear, or see, what You are saying to me in Your Word, in prayer, through other believers, and in my circumstances.  Help me keep my ears clean of the build up that might block my hearing You – the negative talk I say to myself, the self-doubt and self-criticism. And keep them clear of infection; sin which would dull my senses to what You would say.

Forgive me for the times I have blocked my ears because I did not want to hear the correction You were speaking to me, or the step I was too afraid to take.

I pray that in hearing, I would ‘hear’ or gain understanding. Hearing is only half the process. Not only do I need to hear what You are saying, but also understand what it means to me. Thank You for the times You explained what You meant in scripture parables so the message would be clear. Thank You for the times You have provided confirmation to me when I was unsure. Thank You that the more I listen and obey, the more I understand.

I have ears to hear, let me hear. Amen

Mark 4:1-25

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