Apr 8 No Rock like our God


Lord, do not let me be a nation without sense, with no discernment, like Israel was. When You gave them an inheritance and set up boundaries for Your people according to the number of their sons, You shielded and carried them. You protected them and guarded them as an eagle cares for and trains its young. You nourished them with the best, and yet, when they became fat and sleek, satisfied, they turned from You. They abandoned the God who gave them all they had, and sought other ‘gods’.   They became perverse and unfaithful, not caring that it would call down Your curses and judgment on them and their children.

Father, give me discernment so I can know when I am being tempted away from You with the values and philosophies of this world. Help me be wise and understand that there are consequences to my decisions and actions. Give me the ability to be able to think ahead and see where things will lead so I can choose what will lead me to a closer relationship with You.

Father, give the leaders of my country sense to see where they are taking our people with their choices as well. Give them discernment and wisdom to know that Your judgment is real and You will not be mocked. Our Constitution was written to govern a moral people, and when morality fails, we have little hope of living in safety or security.

I can already see signs that we have gone too far.   We, as a people – even Believers, have put You to the test and rebelled against You, the Lord Most High. We have not kept Your statutes. We have become disloyal and faithless.

Do not reject us O God. Do not abandon us. But show us the error of our ways; teach us to walk rightly again and make wise decisions that honor You. Help me give You the place in my life that You deserve. Remind me to read Your Word so it can guide and encourage me. Recall to my mind, Your faithfulness to me in the past: all the ways You have protected and delivered me. Speak to me when I pray to You, giving me direction. Let me feel Your presence near me, assuring me of your love, healing my wounds, and giving me Your peace.

Thank You that You are the One True God, the Most High, who will never leave me or forsake me. Thank You that Your faithfulness endures forever. I praise You for Your unending love. You are my God. Amen

Deuteronomy 32:28-43; Psalm 78:56-64


3 thoughts on “Apr 8 No Rock like our God

  1. Thank you dear Laura for this beautiful prayer this morning. I remember reading. I believe it was George Washington’s farewell speech, where he spoke about the pillars (fundamental foundation) of our republic and being moved to understand it is meant for as you note here for a ‘moral people.’ That is a people committed to Israel’s God, the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob . A people humbled by HIS love and moved by His heart to learn of HIM and HIS ways. The flag got my attention this morning, in light of the recent movements by Syria, N Korea and the rumblings of Russia and China let each of us remember our nation and its leaders in prayer as we remember ourselves. We long for the salvation of the world as Habbakuh writes: For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of Yahweh, as the waters cover the sea. Your personal devotions with Elohim have blessed me so.


  2. Looks like it was John Adams in 1798 not George Washington (though I am fond of his farewell address!) Cindy


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