May 31 A Sure Thing

faith is hopeOnce again, Father, You have proven Yourself, as the manner of events unfolded exactly as You prophesied that it would. The manner of Your death on the cross, how Your clothes were divided, that Your bones were not broken, that Your side was pierced; all these things happened according to what You had already told us in Your Word. Yet the people who carried out these atrocious acts were not aware of the prophecies, or that they were fulfilling them.

These words were handed down to different prophets at different times, yet all came to pass. It is no wonder, I can say with the writer of Psalm 119, “I have put my hope in Your Word”!

This is not a simple unbased ‘hope’ like ‘I hope I win the lottery.’


But the Hebrew word translated as ‘hope’ comes from the word used for the triple twisted rope that binds an anchor to a ship to keep it in place. It’s a sure thing. It can be counted on! My hope in You is a sure thing, Lord. It is something I count on, always. It anchors me in the water. It keeps me from drifting in a storm.

That means I can count on You in my day to day life circumstances, good or bad. And I can rely on You when things get really tough. Thousands of years haven’t changed Your faithfulness or trustworthiness. You have been, and You still are, and You always will be. I can rely on You totally, in all situations, at all times.

And I do! Amen

John 19:23-42; Psalm 119:147