Sept 18 Always Your Child



Father, thank You for making me Your heir. Thank You for sending Your Spirit into my heart so I can call out “Abba, Father”.



Just like with my earthly parents, my position as their child will never change. I may move far away from them, or be upset with them, or they with me, but I will always be their child. The quality of our relationship may have its ups and downs. So the quality of our fellowship may fluctuate, but my position as their child will never change.

You have given to me the full rights of being Your child and Your heir. As such; “My salvation comes from You…My soul finds rest in You alone…You alone are my Rock, my fortress…I will never be shaken.”

Things may happen to me that shake my confidence in other people, in circumstances, in things I have come to depend on, even in myself. But in You I will always find hope. I will always be able to rest in Your abundant provision and security. I will always know that even if I cannot understand, that Your purpose and Your plan will not be thwarted. Many words describe safe places here on earth: refuge, fortress, tower, stronghold. These are solid, unshakable places where people run for safety. These are the exact words scripture uses to describe You! Father, You are all these and more. In You I can be shielded, I am protected, I am safe.

When needed, I can pour out my heart to You. You listen. And You comfort. You give me wisdom. And encourage me. Lord, give me Your wisdom now. Let me see Your perspective on the difficulties and challenges in my life now. I am resting in You, and I am hopeful. Show me the next step I should take. Do not let me get ahead of Your plan or Your timing.  Give me the patience I need to see Your blessing come into fruition.

I trust You. I know that “You are strong, and that You are loving.” I will wait with You, my Father. Amen

Galatians 3:23-4:31; Psalm 62:1-12

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