Oct 20 Example of obedience

book-1209805_1920Father, let me learn a lesson and be like the Rekabites. You instructed Jeremiah to go to them and invite them to do something that was contrary to how they had faithfully chosen to live.   Their forefather had told them “Neither you nor your descendants must ever drink wine. Also you must never build houses, sow seed or plant vineyards; you must never have any of these things, but must always live in tents…” And they did!

You rewarded them for their faithfulness and made them an example to be followed for the people of Judah and Jerusalem. And for believers today. It is not that I should never do these specific things, or live in a tent, but that I should be faithful to what You tell me. Help me “learn this lesson and obey Your words”.

You told Your people to “turn from their wicked ways and reform their actions; do not follow other gods to serve them”. Father, the world I live in is so very far from Your standards in its values and morality. Show me if I have any “wicked ways” that need to be changed. Speak to me of the values You want me to have – in my attitudes, my speech, my thoughts, my relationships. Father, I open everything in my life for Your evaluation and Your comment. I desire to bring it all into alignment with You.

Lord, if there are actions I have taken that need reforming, show me those and how to make them right. Likewise, if there are actions I have not taken that I need to, move me to be obedient.

I do not want to “follow other gods” or “serve them”. So show me if there is anything or anyone I have put before You in my life. Sometimes I may not even realize the significance or influence I am drawn to or led by; so I depend on You to keep me faithful to only You as my God, my Lord.

Thank You for this faithful example, that I don’t remember ever noticing before. But will remember now. Amen

Jeremiah 35: 1-19

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