Nov 1 Your Word paints a picture

bible-1089930_640O Father, what an incredible picture You paint! I cannot even imagine seeing what Ezekiel saw! I don’t know if I would fall facedown like Ezekiel, cower in fear or simply stand, transfixed, unable to move by the sight of something so magnificently awesome and frightening!

I can see it in my mind’s eye, but what a powerful movie it would make! Every time I read the description of the four living creatures I find something new, and have tried to draw what You describe to increase my understanding.   When drawing, one has to pay very close attention to get all the details right.

Your Word says Ezekiel was so awed by what he had seen and heard, that he “sat among them [Israelite exiles] for seven days – overwhelmed.”

Thank You that Ezekiel could explain what he saw in terms I can understand. The words “immense fire…flashing lightening…glowing metal…burning coals of fire…appearance of a rainbow in the clouds on a rainy day” are very descriptive, even though I feel sure that what he saw was beyond anything he had ever seen before.

The author of Psalm 104 also helps me see, visualize You creating the heavens and the earth, with words that paint a picture. I can see You “wrapped…in light as with a garment” as You “set the earth on its foundations” and “cover it with the deep as with a garment”. I can imagine the waters fleeing at Your rebuke, “flowing over the mountains”, going “down into the valleys, to the place You assigned them”.

Thank You again, for using words I can understand and envision. You, who have the imagination and power to create things I cannot even fathom, have leaned down from Your position of sovereignty on high, taken my face in Your hands, and whispered wonderful Words into my ear to show me Your lavish love and abundant provision for me. And I am forever amazed by You and am eternally in Your debt.   My Father.   My Creator.   My Savior. Amen

Ezekiel 1:1-28; Psalm 104:1-23

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