Feb 12 Proof of Your Presence

Dear Father, how awesome would it be if every time I came away from reading or studying Your Word, or spending time in prayer, there was a visible glow on my face!! Some outward evidence, physically apparent, to anyone who saw me that I had spent time with the Author and Creator of the universe!

When Moses spent time with You on Mount Sinai his face was so radiant that the people were afraid of him. He began wearing a veil over his face unless he was speaking to You, Lord, or telling the Israelites what You had said.

I don’t mean that I want to wear a veil, Lord, but give me a radiance of spirit that can be a witness to others, a testimony that You have left an impact on Me from my spending time with You. Something that will let people know that I know the Savior, and can help them if they need directions to get to You also.

There is a danger inherent in that of course: if people know when I have been in Your presence, then they would also know when I have not. And there have been stretches Lord, when those times have been few and far between.

Keep me drawn to You. Help me have the mindset I need, to go to You, with joy, with sorrow, with excitement, with concerns. It’s so easy to find a person to commiserate with, to approve of my own plans, to join in my pity party. But I desire to please You; to walk in the way You have planned out for me. I trust in Your plan; and believe it is the best possible for me.

“Your eyes are on me Lord, because I fear You, revere You, and because my hope is in Your unfailing love. Deliver me. You are my help and my shield. In You my heart rejoices, for I trust Your holy name. Let Your unfailing love rest on me O Lord.” Let others see it too. Amen

Exodus 34:29-35; Psalm 33:18-22

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