Feb 26 My Anchor, My “Tiqvah”

old-rig-1415697_640O Lord, this week I have been feeling overwhelmed by the direction of politics and society; by the vain philosophies of man our people seem to be blindly following, by the traditions of men that seem to deceive many of our young people, and by the work of the evil one seeping into our values and behavior standards. It’s as if a dark veil has been pulled over their senses and spirits. This is why my spirit is so downcast.

But Your solution in this Psalm is to put my hope in You. The Hebrew word for hope is “tiqvah”, defined as a cord that attaches one thing to another. It’s from the root word “qavah” which means to bind together, twisted for increased strength. It is the word used for the cord that binds a ship to its anchor.

A ship will drop its anchor in times of troubled seas, when it can no longer steer itself against the strong waves. It is the anchor that keeps it from drifting too far and being completely lost.

You are my anchor, Lord. You keep me from drifting too far and being completely lost. My hope is what keeps me tightly and securely bound to You, keeping me safe in the storms of life. And it is what gives me hope for our nation. There is life after storms. And “I will yet praise You!”

“As the deer pants for streams of water, so my soul pants for You O God. My soul thirsts for You, the Living God.” Amen

Psalm 42:1, 2, 5

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