Apr 9 God bless you


Lord, I believe everyone desires to be blessed. I truly do.

But many people did not grow up receiving a blessing.

One result is that very few know how to give a blessing to others. The overused ‘Bless you’ when someone sneezes carries little meaning.

Culturally, Jewish parents recite a blessing over their children every Shabbat (Sabbath) at Friday dinner.  In Old Testament times, before they died, Hebrew fathers spoke blessings over their sons as a way of passing on the leadership and possessions of the family. Both of these have a prophetic piece to them, as well as words of favor resting on the receiver.

Even before that, You blessed Your creation of man and woman. It was an empowerment for them to be all You created them to be. In this empowerment there is a release from any and all restrictions or limitations preventing them from reaching their potential to participate in their divine purpose.

In Hebrew, the verb form ‘to bless’ means ‘to kneel’; while the noun for ‘blessing’ means ‘a gift or present’. So the concept is to bring or receive a gift or present, something of value, while kneeling out of respect.

The one who receives a blessing is changed, energized, empowered and enabled by the gift or the words of blessing.

Lord God, would You bless me right now, and bless every reader as they speak this prayer, based on the definition and the full meaning of the Hebrew word for bless:

Heavenly Father, infuse me, fill me, permeate me, saturate me with unlimited potential to achieve all You would invite me to do that will glorify You and bring honor to Your Name.

Release me from any restriction or limitation, whether physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, psychological, social, financial or personal that would prevent me or hold me back from becoming all You created me to be.

Empower, energize and enable me to reach the fullness of my divine purpose. I kneel before You to receive this divine blessing. Amen

Deuteronomy 33:1-29


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