Apr 24 Generations

Lord I can see how a generation of Israelites grew up different from their parents. They did not see the amazing battle victories and miraculous deliverances that You did for their parents. There was not as much visible reason to be grateful to You. Their peace was provided at seemingly no cost. They turned away from You.

grandfathersMy father and grandfathers lived in a time when there was war and the freedom for America had to be fought for and defended. Sometimes called “the Greatest Generation”, they poured into institutions and community in a sacrificial way to create a better life for their children and grandchildren.

My generation benefitted from that and in enjoying the freedom, stood on their shoulders to reach farther in science, technology and all kinds of advances because we didn’t have to worry about our national security. In that era of peace and advancement, we blessed our children with a sheltered, problem-free life.

I have seen in this generation of 25-40 “somethings”, some men and women who, not seeing their parents go off to war, never had their security threatened until 911, and grew into a people with a sense of entitlement. Many believe the world owes them a living doing whatever they choose to do. And the government owes them security without any of them having to fight for it. They seem unwilling to live a disciplined life to secure what they want.

But I also see many of them who are sold out to You, and living godly lives despite the worldly attitudes around them. Lord, encourage and strengthen them.

generationsMay all our generations wake up and realize how far we have come from true worship of the One True God before we are, like the Israelites, handed over to our enemies.   You raised up judges, deliverers in those days. I pray we will listen to the voice of those You send to wake us up.

Judges 2:10-23

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