Apr 28 Teach me to be humble


O Lord, Gideon was so courageous to lead Your people into battle, and so wise to refuse lordship over them when asked. He was discerning and humble enough to say that You were the One to rule over them, not him or his son. But he took the spoil from that victory, and used the gold to make a chest piece. It became a snare to him and his family and the Israelites who worshipped it.

Forgive me Lord when I act like that. When I have a victory in my life, I desire to celebrate it! Show me how to celebrate humbly: how to give the rightful honor to You and not myself. Get my attention if I stray into worshipping what You have given me, instead of You, the giver.

Help me be humble like Gideon was. And like Gideon, help me point people to You instead of accepting acclaim for myself.

By the same thinking, do not let me worship or revere another person because of their success.   Do not let me idolize them or give them the attention that is due You. It is so easy to want to rub shoulders with the famous and powerful, hoping that some of their notoriety or success will transfer to me through the connection.

Remind me Lord, that my hope is in You. It is You I trust with the plan for my life. It is You who can make things happen and bring about goodness and blessing. I trust Your timing and Your provision. And I give You the glory and thanks for all that comes my way. Amen.

Judges 8:18-27


2 thoughts on “Apr 28 Teach me to be humble

  1. I so needed to read this today. I love the story of Gideon – it is one of my favorites. Something in the story makes me really relate to him. Thank you, Laura! I appreciate how you have condensed your thoughts…they are rich and easier to read when it is in a more brief format.


  2. Humble is how I am feeling now. God has allowed so many stressers into my life, I am no longer in control of anything. One son moved out as another son moved back home. We have 2 weddings this year and one just decided to be a destination wedding in San Diego. I have been diagnosed with an auto-immune disease and am on steroids with all the unfortunate side effects. And Im in Arizona now as my father passed away last week. his service is Monday so we are flying all the boys here – just to add expense concerns on top of grief. Someone suggested that it might take this much to get me to the end of myself and know that God is protecting me but allowing this so I turn to Him for everything I need. It’s working 🙂


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