May 23 Live in humility


Dear Jesus, what a beautiful example You gave of servant leadership when You took it upon Yourself to do the menial job of washing Your disciples’ dirty feet.

These were not regularly pedicured, sweet smelling feet, but the dusty, stinky, calloused feet of men who traveled on foot wherever they went.   The paths they walked on were not paved or grassy. They were dirty and dusty, and were shared with not only people, but animals who no doubt used the paths for more than walking. I can imagine, try as one might, stepping in such deposits was inevitable.

But You took on the role of a servant to show that I too, need to be willing to act humbly.

I have attended marriage retreats and Christian women’s retreats where we did this activity. It was a humbling experience to have someone else wash my feet. And it felt more natural to me to wash someone else’s. But it goes beyond just the activity because it is symbolic.

It is easier to wash someone’s feet occasionally than to put their needs before my own on a daily basis. It is easier to wash just their feet than deal with the whole person; especially when they aren’t being pleasant, or I’m feeling unappreciated, or I really just want my own way.

Thank You for Your example. Help me live up to it with the people You put in my life. And thank You for the words of Psalm 119 that remind me how to live. Help me live my life making decisions and choosing behaviors that are in line with Your teachings. Teach me the meaning of Your instructions so I can live within Your blessing. Show me how to apply Your Word in my own life as I read, study, meditate, memorize and delight in it.

You promise to hear the prayers of the righteous. And because of Your sacrifice, I have Your righteousness. Thank You. Amen

John 13:1-30; Psalm 119:1-16; Proverb 15:29


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