June 2 Guide me


Father, thank You for meeting me where I am. Don’t ever let me try to live life without You. Even when I don’t know which way to go, I desire the companionship of Your company and the blessing You offer when I am following Your instruction.


After Your resurrection, several of Your disciples returned to fishing. But one long night when their efforts yielded no catch, You found them. From the shore, You told them to throw down their nets on the right side of the boat. And an enormous catch was brought in. You blessed their obedience.

Father, when I feel lost, find me wherever I am. Show me how to be obedient and where the blessing is. Thank You for this lesson that even when I come to the end of my efforts and have tried to do things on my own, You stand ready to show me the way. Help me be humble enough to accept Your instruction, and obedient to follow it. Amen

John 21:1-14 

2 thoughts on “June 2 Guide me

  1. What a blessing it was to read this today, Laura! I was just thinking of you. My youngest daughter Holly is moving to Florida in August. Dont you have family in Florida? She is moving to Bradenton, near Sarasota.
    We have been feeling restless. Rich has been wanting to be wear he can grow tropical fruit for a long time. We will go visit them in October. Who knows where God may lead?
    Thank you for sharing your insights. Love you!


  2. So great to hear from you! I know lots of friends have moved lately – mostly to smaller places with no yard work – but one to Arizona…I know the feeling to be out of the cold and high prices. We’d love to downsize but can’t afford it here. I go to Destin Florida – on the west coast panhandle – with my cousins every September. We LOVE the beach. But I think it would be too hot for me in the summers. You’d enjoy visit there though!
    Don’t know if you’ve seen my blog – http://www.HearMoreFromGod.wordpress.com lately. my Dad passed away in April. I spent 5 weeks with him in Jan-Feb and got 2 of the the 3 boys down there to see him before he died suddenly of a heart attack. he was in end stage lung disease and was ready to go.
    And I was diagnosed with an auto-immune muscular disease in Feb. So have had a rough time being on steroids and immuno-suppressants. Not been a good 2018 so far. But Collin gets maeeid this month. And I also in October. So positive things to look forward to!! God is good – all the time. No matter where we are or what our situations are. Or how we are dealing with them…
    Love you!


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