July 31 Sight and Sound

“The earth is Yours, and everything in it, the world and all who live in it…” .

What a majestic place You have created! I watch a sunrise or sunset, and as the colors fill the sky, I marvel at the Creator who made every daily beginning and end full of such beauty. You have brought such splendor to the mundane!

The tiny wings of a butterfly, the miniature iridescent feathers of the hummingbird – these are resplendent with color and design. Who but You would have taken such care and creativity to craft such detail?


“Ears that hear and eyes that see – the Lord has made them both.”

accessory-adult-aged-1251174How amazing that we can behold so much of the beauty You created, simply because we have eyes and ears! The mere fact of their workings defies scientific explanation. The cells that make up an eye are so specialized, and they work together to produce an image in our brain in such a unique and complex way.

Just a single cell or a few together would not operate a functioning eye. There were no small steps that cold have evolved into a working eye. Yet, we see.

Father, Thank You for the gift of hearing and seeing. Beyond all the elegance I perceive in Your creation, I ask that You would also open the ears and eyes of my spirit to understand Your Word, Your ways, Your thoughts, Your purposes, and Your will for my life. I want to “see” all You have for me. Amen

Psalm 24:1-2; Proverbs 20:12

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