Aug 3 Your Word changes my heart

Oh Father. Today in Your Word, I am told that while “the men did their work faithfully” at the orders of twenty-six year old King Josiah, they “found the Book of the Law in the Temple of the Lord.” It had been lost, ignored throughout the eighteen years Josiah had been king, and during the reign of his evil father.



When it was brought before the young king, he heard the Word of the Law and his heart was responsive as he understood its meaning. He humbled himself before You and sought Your will.


Lord, I wonder if today, Your Word has again gotten “lost in the house of the Lord?“ The church is Your house, and it has Your Word, yet are they ignoring it? Are they teaching it to their people? Or do they pick and choose what they like and go on with their lives as they want.

Father, I pray that Your believers, Your church, will once again ‘hear’ Your Word. And that they would understand what they read with a responsive heart. Father, let them see where “they have not acted in accordance with all that is written in this book”. And be humbled and change where they are not doing all You command.

I also understand that my body is Your ‘temple’.   Don’t let Your Word be lost in me! Open my ears to truly “hear” all that Your Word says. Even the parts that may not sit easily with me. Even the parts I wish I didn’t have to obey. Make my heart responsive to what I hear from You. Let me be like Josiah, and be humbled and weep before You when I see where I have not been obedient.

Show me how to live by Your Word, with a heart that is responsive, humbled, by what I have heard. Amen

2 Chronicles 34:1-33

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