Feb 27 Can…and WILL



Lord, I can so identify with the father who asked You to deliver his son from the evil spirit.  His words were, “I do believe, help me overcome my unbelief!”

As I read through Your Word and see the miracles You have done, the healings, the deliverances of people groups and individuals, the amazing ways You impacted a person’s life and used them mightily, I marvel, and believe.

When people tell me all You have done in their lives, how You have worked things out that should never have happened, and saved them from something in the nick of time, I believe that.

But when it comes to my own life, while I totally believe You CAN do anything; I often fall short in believing that You WILL.   Where it’s easy for me to see You acting in others’ lives, I feel so undeserving of Your attention.

But I continue to call out to You for my family, my children and grandchildren.  I believe that Your purpose is not to harm them, but to give them a hope and a future.  I claim that promise, and await the deliverance.

I call forth things that be not, as though they were, and will be.  And I look forward to the day when they will once again worship You in spirit and in truth being guided by Your Word.

I totally believe You can accomplish this.  Your power is so great that nothing can stand against You.  Help me, Lord, overcome any doubt that remains in me.

I will trust in You.  I will trust in You.  Amen

Mark 9: 14-29; Romans 4:17

3 thoughts on “Feb 27 Can…and WILL

  1. As always, I am touched by and in full agreement with, the words and thoughts God has clearly given you to share with us. You consistently confirm with the Spirit in me, through your daily messages. Thank you! Carolyn

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  2. Satan just wants to defeat us by putting into our minds that we’re unworthy of God’s answers to our prayers and awaiting miracles that we witness Him do for others. We are as worthy as they are because Jesus gave His life equally for all of us and as God’s beloved children, we’re loved enough for Him to do for us what He’s done for others. We trash that unworthy feeling and know the love of God working in our lives. Then we’ll see more answers from our heavenly Father.


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