Mar 16 A Savior who is Christ the Lord


O Father, I love this passage in Luke.  It has become one of the best-known passages of Your Word that tells the gospel, the good news, the coming of our Savior!

Thank You for inspiring whoever made the Charlie Brown Christmas Special to include this scripture, presented in such a wonderful way.  Your words, in that show, have been seen and heard by millions and millions of people who might never open a Bible, or know what Christmas is really all about.

I cannot read these words without picturing the scene on the school stage and hearing Linus’ voice repeating the words that describe the Holy birth of our Savior, who is Christ the Lord.

Movies depict it, church presentations act it out.  Even some civic displays portray it.  There is such power in the simple scene and those precious words.

Lord, as our world grows more cynical, skeptical and politically correct, this story, Your story, is in danger of being squeezed out.  Already in many arenas it is considered inappropriate and reflective of an intolerance of diverse lifestyles.  Our country is interpreting scripture as “hate talk” and it is being censored by law.

Father, raise Your hand to protect the presentation of Your truth to people everywhere.  Let it continue to be displayed, portrayed, acted out, not only inside churches, but in the public view.  Let it continue to be sponsored for commercial and public broadcast to billions of people around the world for years, decades, and centuries to come, to enlighten their spirits and change their lives.

Bless those who support it and those who hear it, for generations to come. And let the message of Your Good News change lives around the world!  Amen

Luke 2:1-14

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