May 3 Breath of Life

What an interesting picture You painted for the man I call “Nic at night:” the Pharisee who came to You at night to ask questions.  When he asked about being part of the Kingdom of God, You said to enter the Kingdom of God, one “must be born of water and the Spirit.”

breathofGodOne birth is from a watery darkness, the other a spiritual darkness.  Our physical birth is from a dark, water-filled womb into the light of the sun here on earth.  Our spiritual birth is from the dark realm of the evil one into the Light of the Son and into the kingdom of God.

Adam and Eve are the only humans born only of the Spirit.  You created their bodies and breathed Your breath into them, giving them physical AND spiritual life.

The Hebrew word “ruach” is translated as breath and spirit.  They were spiritually alive and were able to walk and talk and have relationship with You.

When they sinned, the punishment was physical and spiritual death.  Physically, their bodies would die.  And spiritually, they were separated from You and no longer had the same intimate fellowship with You.

Every human being since them was born by water, but is not spiritually alive until Your “ruach,” Your breath or spirit enters them.  This happens at their spiritual birth.

Probably the most well known scripture is in today’s reading.  “For God so loved the world that He gave His One and Only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have everlasting life.”  This is Your provision for that spiritual birth.

When a person believes the truth of Your sacrifice and accepts that offer of Your sacrifice paying for their sin, Your “‘ruach,” Your Holy Spirit enters into them.

person-864804_640Thank You Father for Your great love.  Thank You for having a plan of spiritual birth giving me eternal life even after sin had entered the world and affected every human being.

Thank You for being willing to make the tremendous sacrifice for me to be able to join the Kingdom of God.  Amen

John 3:1-21

2 thoughts on “May 3 Breath of Life

  1. If only countless more understood and experienced the incredible spiritual transformation you describe, that is the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, for when it fully occurs to a human being, they are never ever the same again. This divine, overcoming event happened to me the last Saturday in April 1996 and I was never the same again (words we all sang that same night at a Christian Women’s event at the Blue Mountain Christian Conference Center in the Poconos). The keynote speaker prayed over me that night for God to remove the spirit of fear from me, for it was God alone who knew my stumbling block, and He had to tell her “fear” was keeping me from letting go fully and surrendering to the Lordship of Jesus Christ as my Savior. My testimony is on my website, When God breathed into me that night, a chain of life-changing events began that still continue 23 years later. Please go to my site, as I was called to a writing ministry that year. I believe your prayers and gift of words also prove you have also been called as an ambassador for our Lord, Jesus. In Him, Carolyn Patrinicola

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