Jun 27 Even me

use me hands

Father, I am so encouraged to read about Joash, one of the kings of Judah.  He was seven years old when he began to reign.  Seven years old!  And You worked mightily through him.

During his forty-year reign, he effected repairs on the temple, and brought the people back to following You.  He did what was right in Your eyes.

I often wonder how I am equipped to serve You.  I am not a healer, or preacher, or famous author with a large following.  I’m not a missionary in a far off land, or a concert singer or evangelist.

Often Your Word says You use ordinary people.   “Elijah was a man just like us…” and yet Elijah became a powerful prophet.  Moses claimed to be “slow of speech” yet he was Your instrument for delivering Your people from four hundred years of slavery.

It’s so easy to look at great people: both from Biblical times and those of my day, and feel completely inadequate.   Yet, here is this seven-year-old boy.  And it gives me such hope, that if You would use a seven-year-old boy, You would use me too.

It reminds me that it is not the “person” with their talents, gifts, skills, and abilities that accomplishes anything.  It is You!  You are the One!  It is Your power which accomplishes Your will.

What You can do with any person who is sold out to You, is limitless!  Even a seven-year-old boy.  Even a simple, untrained girl.  Even a sixty-year-old woman.  Even me.  Amen

2 Kings 12:1-21

One thought on “Jun 27 Even me

  1. Excellent reminder to all of us, since its so easy to become discouraged and ask why again and again. But truth is, God chooses the “least of us to confound the wise!” As someone very short and petite, and now old, I have always thought little of my abilities and strength, yet repeatedly, God has clearly called me to carry out my writing ministry and the many “word-related” things He asks me do. Over much time, the acts of saying yes and stepping out, often shaky and anxious, have been rewarded through the Spirit supplying the words God wants said or written and the strength to finish what He first began. The saying, “God doesn’t call the equipped; He equips the called!” Is the Truth!
    In Jesus’ Name
    Carolyn Patrinicola
    Hydrated With Love

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