Jul 20 Direct my path

shield-490808_640Father, like Solomon who built a Temple to house Your glorious Name, I long to build something of substance with my life that will bring You recognition and glory.  It doesn’t have to be magnificent, or expensive, or what the world would judge as spectacular.   But it is the desire of my heart to be part of something special: a legacy that, when I leave this earth, others who come behind me will see my faithfulness and be pointed to You.

Paul left a different kind of testament to You with the letters he wrote.  His explanations, though sometimes long and arduous, explain the basis of much of my faith.

He explains that before You came and died on the cross, I was a slave to sin.  But because I put my faith in You, and am united with You, crucified on the cross with You; I died to sin.  I am no longer its slave, because death frees one from the bondage they lived in.

So I am raised from the dead with You, a free believer – no longer a slave to sin!  You set me free with Your death and resurrection!  Since my life is with You, and I live it freely; if I sin, it is because I choose to, since I am no longer a slave to it.

Lord, help me choose daily, to walk away from sin.

Show me how to walk with You in righteousness; how to live my life as a testimony to You.   Empower me to face the choices I have to make every day.  Don’t let me just pick what is the easiest, or safest, or most popular.   Let me look at my options from Your perspective.  Let me make decisions based on the long, eternal view, not just for the immediate benefit.

I trust You.  “You are my Lord; apart from You I have no good thing.”   Amen

2 Chronicles 3:1-17; Romans 6:1-23; Psalm 16:1-11

3 thoughts on “Jul 20 Direct my path

  1. Dear Sister in Christ – you are part of something special, and are leaving a legacy through writing words inspired by God, through the Holy Spirit, for so many – far more than you imagine! For God has given you a special gift of words (I hear a confirming “yes”). So many years ago, in those early years after being “called to a writing ministry,” He told me “I give you the gift of words.” I understand this gift, that the enemy has tried to steal from me so often, especially when some people I love most have said, “you talk too much!” Yes, I do sometimes do just that, and need to listen more and better. Only with His help, can I take care to control my tongue. But I also have OCD which causes me to talk a lot. At the same time, it causes me to write, even prayers for strangers on FB. You know that you know when the words flow. You simply begin to write and then become a recorder of words spoken by God into your spirit, then to pen or a device.

    My left pointer just shot up, which means God has a “word” He wants to say to you. “Daughter, you too have a gift of words which you share boldly as I lead you, in prayer. Do not ever think you lack a special calling, for I use you broadly, and will do so, as I have used Carolyn. You know when you are flowing in My Spirit, and must express My will. Keep this ministry call going, and I shall bless its outreach, in My Name.”

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  2. Thank you Carolyn. I very much appreciate your kind and encouraging words and I receive them as the gift and challenge they are to me. I continue to trust in the Lord’s purpose for what He leads me to write and where these words are delivered. God bless you and your ministry of words.


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