Jul 31 Leaders like Hezekiah


Father, thank You for leaders like Hezekiah.  Thank You that some are willing to stand up for what is right even if it goes against the prevailing social climate. 

At the young age of 25 in the first month of his reign, Hezekiah reopened, repaired, and purified the Temple in Jerusalem that his father had closed.  He led the people back to worshipping You with songs, instruments, and offerings.

Father, bring leaders who will help my nation turn away from its selfish, greedy, idolatrous ways, and return to You.   Like Hezekiah, let these men and women know right from wrong, and be obedient to do right.  Strengthen those leaders who are faithful to You.  Protect them and grant them success in their personal and professional lives.

For those who do not follow You, Father, open their eyes and ears to Your truth.  Draw them to Yourself so they may know You personally as Savior and Lord.  Break down whatever walls are keeping them from seeing Your truth.  And prepare their hearts to receive it.

You tell us “Who may stand in Your Holy place.”  Give our leaders “clean hands and a pure heart.”  Let them be men and women of godly values “who do not lift up their souls to an idol or swear by what is false.”  Then they will receive Your blessing and our nation will be blessed.

Let this be the generation, let this be the time, that we seek You wholeheartedly.  That we seek the face of the Lord Almighty, the King of glory.  Amen

2 Chronicles 29:1-36; Psalm 24:1-10


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