Aug 18 Behind the scenes

film-maker-294496_640Dear Heavenly Father, how unusual that Your name doesn’t even appear in the book of Esther!  However, there is no doubt that all the events were orchestrated by You!

You must have known the evil in the heart of Haman who sought to destroy all Your people throughout the empire.  These were Your people who You had taken into captivity for punishment of their idolatry and sinfulness.  But still, there was mercy in Your action, and You protected them.

Only You could have influenced Queen Vashti to disobey the King, costing her the crown and making way for Esther, a Jew, to move into her place.

Only You could have made the servants and people around Esther so impressed with her and kind to her.

It must have been You who guided Esther to accept the advice of the eunuch in charge of the harem as she went to be presented to the King.

And only You held the heart of this king in Your hand, as he chose her for Queen.

You must have placed Mordecai in the right place at just the right time to hear of the assassination attempt, and timed perfectly his recognition by the king.  And You gave Esther the wisdom to hold the two banquets for Haman and the king, answering the three days of prayer and fasting with success.

Father, with all these people, places, plots, and details in Your control, how can I doubt that You know what is going on in my life?

How can I think that anything would get by You?  There is no way; even if someone plotted to harm or kill me; that it would escape Your notice.   And You would have a plan already in place, to deal with it.  Thank You.

So like the psalmist, I agree that You will humiliate and disgrace those who rejoice at my troubles.  You will cover with shame and dishonor any who would seek to triumph over me.  And I will ever say “Great is the Lord, who delights in blessing His servant with peace.”

Thank You for Your blessing in my life every day.  Help me see each one as I go through my day: waking, breathing, eating, walking, talking, learning, seeing, working, singing, praising, sharing, loving, resting, sleeping.  Thank You for the peace I can rest in because I trust in You.  In Your plan.  In Your justice.  In Your deliverance.  Forever.  Amen

Esther 1:1-3:15; Psalm 35:17-28 

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