Sept 25 Unity and Maturity


Father, the words Paul writes to the Ephesians become my prayer today:

Help me “live a life worthy of the calling I have received.”  Help me understand the life You have called me to.

In dealing with others, help me be less self-centered and more God-centered in the way I treat people, make decisions, and respond to circumstances.

Every day, let me ask: “Am I living the life You died to give me?”

Toward that end, help me be “humble and gentle.”  Show me how to walk away from pride, arrogance, conceitedness, and that attitude of superiority that so easily entangles me.

Teach me to “be patient” and treat people with love.  When I am frustrated, let me bring that to You so You can disarm it before it becomes anger and resentment.

Father, with so many people who call themselves by Your Name, there will be differences.  Help me see past the differences that don’t matter in order to support the unifying beliefs that do make a difference.

Help me use the gifts You have given me, spiritual and otherwise, to build up Your body of believers, so that we all become a mature, complete body with You as the head.

Then I will no longer be “tossed back and forth by the waves, blown here and there by … the cunning and craftiness of people in their deceitful scheming.”  Help me become so familiar with Your Word that I recognize the crafty, deceitful teachings of the world.

Bless me as I make time to read and study Your Word, Your love letter to me.  Reveal its meaning and show me how to apply Your wisdom to my life.

Thank You Father, that Your Word is true.  That it teaches. That it encourages.  And guides.  And comforts.  And helps me grow more and more in step with You.  Amen

Ephesians 4:1-16

2 thoughts on “Sept 25 Unity and Maturity

  1. As I read your prayer today I kept thinking it needs to go to the president and other leaders who claim to be Christians yet repeatedly are not doers of the Word, who truly and fully represent and spread God’s love through God-led actions and language! We need leaders who unify, not divide, and who consistently speak Truth. We ache for You to plant in our leaders, a sincere desire for Truth and Your Will to be done! We need to see and hear our president, above all, to hunger for & represent righteousness! We yearn for Your peace and an attitude of gratitude and a desire to help and give, not to judge wrongly and blame! Never should we feel shame for those who we elect! Father, May Your Spirit break through all hardened hearts to expose what is needed to heal our land and bring forth Your plan for this world, in Jesus’ Name! Amen!

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  2. Amen. Revival must begin with us. Father bring us the enlightenment and strength we need to walk in Your will.let it be seen in those who lead and those who follow.


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