Coronavirus National Day of Prayer

Father in heaven, thank You for today being set apart to pray for the world as we face coronavirus which has circled the globe.  People we know and people in countries we have never even heard of are dealing with this illness in many ways.

We lift up those who are sick and ask that You would be their Healer.  Whether they can get to a doctor or not, strengthen them and their immune systems to fight this virus in their bodies.  Fight for them when they cannot.  Give them the rest and nourishment they need to survive.  Let them draw strength from You.  And bring people alongside them to help them with their needs.

We pray for caregivers – whether doctors, nurses, family members or friends and neighbors who are helping the sick.  Father give them the energy and stamina they need to help in whatever ways they can.  Protect them from getting sick too.  Give them patience and a sense of humor when they need it to meet the needs of those around them who are ill.  Let them draw strength from You.

We pray for those who are still working, whose jobs are impacted by this outbreak.  Many will have lost wages and be facing financial hardship even though they may not be sick.  Those living from paycheck to paycheck will have difficult decisions to make.

Father, open opportunities for them to earn money in other ways to meet their financial needs.  Let them receive grace to delay payments on rent and bills until work picks back up.  Provide for their needs through the generosity of the communities around them.  Ensure they have the food and care they need to survive this hardship.

We pray for leaders in positions of authority in local, state, national and world arenas to receive godly counsel in making decisions. Father, give those called to address this crisis, whether medical or political, wisdom and compassion.  Let them draw strength from You.

Lord, show each one of us how to best function in this time of “social distancing.”  Lead us in a time of spiritual growth and maturity, reading Your Word, praying, listening for Your leading, helping others.

Father, turn the tide of this epidemic.  Halt its progress.  Release a wave of healing that circles the globe.

We turn to You.  Our Healer.  Our Savior.


4 thoughts on “Coronavirus National Day of Prayer

  1. It’s good to see your post today. I hope you and your family are well. I pray for the people and things you list below and hope that people turn to God for their healing, hope and courage.

    Bob P.


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  2. Laura, thank you for this beautiful prayer for our nation and the world. Yes, Abba Father we thank you that you are on the throne and that you are moving in the darkness. Strengthen our President and continue to cleanse our nation. We pray for your compassion and help in this nation and across the globe. Forgive America Father for her many sins restore a right spirit in us. We cry out to you, do not forsake us but hear our cry for help, We humble ourselves and choose to have faith in your goodness and mercy. We cover our President and his family/Pence and his family and other leaders with your renewed wisdom and favor, protection and strength to move honorably before you on behalf of our nation. May the name of your son, Yeshua (Jesus) be forever praised in this country! In His name alone is their victory. Amen

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  3. Bob! It’s good to hear from you! I hope you are well too, and not anxious about this epidemic. Balancing the amount of time we spend listening to the news needs to be balanced with hearing from God through prayer and His Word. Be encouraged! Praying this will pass quickly and you will remain strong and well through it all.


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