April 24 God’s Protection

“Simon, Simon, satan has asked to sift you as wheat.  But I have prayed for you Simon, that your faith may not fail.”

jesus-3618220_640Father, this reminds me that although satan seems to have power on this earth, his power is temporary and limited.

He must ask permission to have access to even one of Your children.

So I can know, if there is oppression in my life from the evil one, (which I have not invited) that it is limited, and that it has first been filtered through Your fingers of love.

That gives me a real sense of security.  You have set a limit and the evil one can go no farther.

And You are interceding, praying for my faith to be strong, so I will not fail. That helps me feel courageous.  If You are on my side, and praying for me, then whatever happens, I cannot fail.

You have the power to create a universe and destroy it. The beauty of Your imagination is seen in every sunrise and sunset.  The deafening crash of the waves is like a whisper of Your voice.

You are exalted, lifted up forever.  And yet, You bend down to me.

You have given me peace in times of stress and hardship that has defied understanding.  You have calmed me down when circumstances were not upsetting.  You have shown me wisdom when I could not think of a solution.  You have encouraged me with visions that brought understanding and reassurance when I was afraid.

Even in these times of crisis, help me remember that You are with me.

Thank You for caring for me.  For protecting me.  For interceding for me.  Amen

Luke 22:31-32

One thought on “April 24 God’s Protection

  1. I like your comment about oppression from Satan which I have not invited. We can invite it, perhaps without thinking of it in that way, by spending our money recklessly so we can’t pay our bills, or we can do things that injure our health and know better but do them anyway. Then when consequences come, we don’t stop to consider the root cause.

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