May 27 Your Peace


Jesus, You told Your disciples what was about to happen so they would have peace.  It was not peace in their circumstances, for those would be catastrophic to them.  But peace in knowing that You were who You said You were and knowing that the Holy Spirit would come and give comfort and teach them.

You knew they would have trouble in this world.  But You encouraged them to take heart!  Because You would overcome the world.

And You did.

Interesting that You said these words to them “A time is coming when you will be scattered, each to your own home.”  Sound familiar?

I believe Your words speak to us today as well.  We are all in our own homes.  We do not know the future, and our circumstances seem catastrophic.  But we know that You are who You say You are.  And we have the Holy Spirit to comfort and teach us.

And knowing that we will have trouble in this world, You speak to us: “Take heart!”

Because You have overcome the world!

Thank You that in Your victory, I can have peace.

John 16:25-33

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