Apr 1 I still belong to You


Father, thank You for this scripture that reminds me that even in the midst of any challenge or crisis You are the strength of my heart.

You created me.  And called me to believe in You and I trust You with my life.

Because I call You Savior and Lord, I belong to You.  You have promised guide me with Your counsel.

So whatever is happening in the world I can trust that You will take my hand and be with me.  I can lean on You for support when I am feeling weak or overwhelmed.  Your counsel will give me the perspective I need to cope and prevail under any circumstances. In the heart of turmoil, You give me peace.

You rejoice with me in the victories.  You fight with me and for me in the battles.  And lead me to a glorious destiny, eventually to spend eternity with You.

Regardless of the condition of the world or the circumstances of my life, I have put my faith in You.  You are the strength that keeps me going.

Psalm 73: 23-26

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