June 16 Your Provision

Father, let me be like the woman of Zarephath.

You sent Elijah to this widow when he was exhausted, burned out and in need.  And she herself was in dire need.  Because You had withheld rain from the land, rivers and brooks had dried up and crops had failed. She was ready to make a final meal with the last of her supplies to eat with her son, and die.

When Elijah asked, she made him a small loaf of bread first. And a miracle kept her jar of flour and jug of oil full for a long time until the rains returned. She continued to feed Elijah as You had commanded.

Father, like her, reverse my own plans to accommodate Yours.  Let me recognize and be obedient to all You ask of me.

Some time later, another dire need: her son fell ill and stopped breathing. Elijah took him and cried out to You. Another miracle! You returned his life to him and returned this son to his mother.

Even when circumstances are dire and I feel like there is no hope, let me be attentive to You at work in my life.  And in doing so, let me receive Your blessing of hope, provision, and life.  Amen

I Kings 17:1-24

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