July 25 We make choices

Seek_Truth_by_BeautifullyEvilFather, You give me choices, and in You I am free.   Strengthen me to make the right choices, godly choices.

Asa started out with such fervor for You.  He tore down the idolatrous worship places.  He led the people to seek You and worship You as they should.  He sought Your deliverance from military enemies.  And You gave him victory, and rest on every side.

Like Asa, I can trust in Your promise: The Lord is with you when you are with Him.  If you seek Him, He will be found by you…But as for you, be strong and do not give up, for your work will be rewarded.”

Father, help me seek You in all the battles I face.  In truth, there have been so many times already, when You have come through for me.

You have saved me from close calls.  You have stopped calamity when it could have been much worse.  You have provided resources and solutions I never could have seen without You.  You have brought unique answers that I had never imagined to problems that seemed unsolvable.  You have acted in my life in ways that seem nothing short of miraculous!

Yet, like Asa, I am also guilty of forgetting to seek You, neglecting to ask for Your help.  When Asa was faced with another battle, he took silver and gold out of the Temple to bribe another ruler to withdraw support from the enemy.   It was a foolish thing.  And he paid for it by being at war the rest of his reign.

It reminds me of the words to a song You gave me:

In other times I knew Your will
And I became the vessel You would fill
Why is it hard now, to take a stand
When I have seen the power of Your hand?
You give me choices, in You I’m free, O Lord, strengthen me

Lead me, hold me, guide me, Lord enfold me
Cover me with the blood of Calvary, and be with me, be with me

Lord let me make Your strength my own
Let me feel it flowing from Your precious throne
Right by Your side, O let me be
And let me feel Your power washing over me
You give me choices, in Christ I’m free, O Lord, strengthen me

Father, strengthen me to seek You always.  Whatever the problem, whatever I face.  Let me never make the mistake of thinking I can “handle it” without You.  I know when I seek You earnestly, I will find You.  And the reward of Your peace will be mine.  Thank You!  Amen

2 Chronicles 14:1-16:14

One thought on “July 25 We make choices

  1. Isn’t it ironic that we often seek God for the big things but forget about seeking his will for the little things? I can relate to Asa who overall did the will of God but then forgot and went astray. We need big reminder signs around us to help us remember to SEEK HIM FIRST!

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