Oct 18 Promises fulfilled

Father, part of Jeremiah’s prophecy has already come true.  You did indeed send Your people “into the hand of the king of Babylon.”  And seventy years later, You did “gather them from the lands where You banished them.”  They once again bought and sold fields in the land.  Jerusalem was rebuilt.

sky-684322_1920Part of Jeremiah’s words are yet to be fulfilled.  You promised Jerusalem would be rebuilt, never again to be demolished, and the people would “live in safety.”  The city was rebuilt, but has been destroyed again and again. But even as a formal nation, Israel’s neighbors are not on peaceful terms with them, and war is an ever-present concern.

But Your fulfillment of Your promises in the past assures me that Your promises for the future are true.  And that the prophecies You have given will all come true.  

One day, “All will know the Lord, from the least …to the greatest.”

Until then, I desire to live a life guided by Your instruction.  It seems the list of qualities Paul gives is a good place to start.

Father, help me be “temperate, self-controlled, respectable, hospitable, able to teach, not a drunk or violent or quarrelsome or a lover of money.”  If I am drawn away from or drift away from these qualities, rein me back in so I will not be an embarrassment to You.

I will worship You, the Creator of the sun and moon and stars and seas, the King of the Universe, Almighty God, for whom nothing is too difficult.

And thank You for caring for me enough to let me know, through Your Word, of Your faithfulness to keep all the promises You have made.  And for showing me what is to come.

And I will bless Your name and thank You for teaching me how to live until that time: in great hope and in humble obedience.   Amen

Jer 31:31-40; 32:17, 36-42; I Timothy 3:1-13

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