Oct 19 God Speaks


Father, You invite me to Call to You and You will tell me great and unsearchable things I do not know.

So I call on You now.  For there is so much I do not know!

Father, help me understand more of Your Word.

I have studied long and hard to answer the questions:  What does scripture say?  What does it mean?  What does it mean to me?  I have

looked up definitions of words used in the original Hebrew and Greek

made lists of key words, comparisons and contrasts, people, places, events

examined cross-references to see where words, phrases and concepts are used elsewhere in scripture

read about cultural, political, geographical, and literary contexts to get a better sense of background

read the same passage in different translations

looked for and assessed where symbolism is used in addition to the literal meaning

These studies have brought me much understanding and clarity, and changed the way I look at, value, and am amazed by Your precious Word.

Other times I have simply read Your Word, and feel as if You are speaking just to me, so clearly, and so intimately.  Father, keep speaking!  Use it all to make clear Your love for me, Your purpose for me, Your plan for my life.  Let me see where You are working, and how I can join in with You.

I feel close to You when I get in touch with Your creation.  When I see the colors of the leaves change, I marvel at the beauty, and how You make seasons for me that each have an attraction that I love.

When I see the mountains, I envision Your grandeur and strength.

As I watch the ocean, I am awed by Your immenseness.  And by the absolute endless nature of one wave after another.  It is mesmerizing, comforting.

Your power is often unseen, but strong and mighty.  All I experience, seen and unseen teaches me more about You.  Continue to speak to me through Your marvelous creation.

And yet I don’t understand

how to use the gifts and talents and traits You have placed in me to glorify You

how to overcome the obstacles of my flesh and the world and the evil one

how to keep my temper and not let irritability get the better of me

how to be loving and compassionate when annoyed and frustrated

how to live every day to honor You in the midst of today’s challenges and struggles

Father, teach me, show me, help me.  I call to You.  As You answer me, reveal more and more great and unsearchable things.  Amen

Jeremiah 33:3

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