Nov 15 Live in Peace

god-1772560_640Father, Paul encourages us to “…live at peace with all men and be holy…”Allow “no bitter root to grow up.”  And to make moral decisions now because the consequences later may be too much to bear.

Because of my human nature, these are sometimes very difficult things to do.  When I feel wronged, or hurt, angry, disappointed or jealous; help me see from Your perspective so the root of bitterness doesn’t poison my relationships.  When circumstances seem unjust or aren’t going my way, diffuse my anger before it ”causes trouble and defiles many.”

Give me Your peace so I can reflect peace to those around me.  Help me see what is important and what is not so I will not be part of foolish arguments, but will be able to live at peace with men, and women too.

Father, do not let me put too much value in things that can be shaken: possessions, politics, governments, worldly fame.  Let me consider what You would have me do in response to any circumstance, rather than just react from an emotional place.

Help me live my life with the understanding that I am Your creation, here for Your purposesGive me guidance and wisdom to be the best wife, mother, daughter, friend, neighbor I can be.

Father, thank You that I can approach You every time I need support in any of these areas.  Not like in Moses’ time where anyone who touched even the mountain where You were had to be killed. You have done with Your precious blood what the blood of goats and lambs could not.  I can now come to You directly, and hear Your voice without perishing.

I want to live in peace as Paul suggests.  You are my help.  And there is none like You: The Prince of Peace.  Amen

Hebrews 12:14-29

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