Mar 16 A Savior who is Christ the Lord

ice-sculptures-1934577_640What better message for the world today – than of a Savior?

O Father, I love this passage in Luke.  It has become one of the best-known passages of Your Word that tells the gospel, the good news, of the coming of our Savior!

Thank You for inspiring whoever made the Charlie Brown Christmas Special to include this scripture, presented in such a wonderful way.  Your words, in that show, have been seen and heard by millions and millions of people who might never open a Bible, or know what Christmas is really all about.

I cannot read these words without picturing the scene on the school stage and hearing Linus’ voice repeating the words that describe the Holy birth of our Savior, who is Christ the Lord. 

Movies depict it, church presentations act it out.  Even some civic displays portray it.  There is such power in the simple scene and those precious words.

Father, bless those who created this show, those support it and those who hear it, for generations to come.

The situation in the world today is one of uncertainty. 

No one on earth may have those answers right now.  But we can know our eternal destiny right now.  We can choose to accept that Jesus Christ is Your perfect Son, whose death on the cross paid the penalty our sin deserves.  We can invite You to be Lord of our life.

When we do that You give us the Holy Spirit to live in us and walk with us, teaching, guiding, encouraging, correcting; until that day when You call us home to be with You for eternity.

Father, let the uncertainty of today draw people to nail down the certainty of their eternal life.  For You have sent to us A Savior, who is Christ, the Lord.  Amen

Luke 2:1-14

to watch the video clip, go to

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