June 4 My All

cross-1177327_640Father, I am not free of sin like David in this song.  I cannot say I have been obedient to all Your laws or kept all Your ways.  And yet, You grant me righteousnessYou cover me with the blood You shed at Calvary, giving me the status of being righteous in Your sight.

It is only with this status that I can see and not be afraid.  You are my lamp, turning the darkness around me into light.

You help me fight against the enemy and allow me to scale walls.

You become my shield and my refuge.

You arm me with strength, enable me and train me for the conflicts that come so I can stand firm.

I can say with David, You give me Your shield of victory, You stoop down to make me greatYou broaden the path beneath me so that my ankles do not turn.”  You provide all this care I do not deserve.

So Father, as You did for David: avenge those who have been persecuted or killed.  Rescue us from violent men and women.  Pursue these enemies and crush them.

And we will lift up Your name.  I will give You the praise of my lips and the worship of my voice.  You are my Savior, my Deliverer, my Redeemer.  You are the Rock upon which my faith is built.  I trust in You.  Thank You.   Amen

2 Samuel 22:21-51

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