Aug 7 You Watch, Protect, Direct

eye-of-god-nebulaFather, I pray You would watch over and protect me as You did those who “set to work to rebuild the house of God in Jerusalem.”   They returned to the land You had given their people after living in exile in Babylon for seventy years. 

When they returned, they were faced with opposition from the ones who had taken over their land.  Also from bureaucrats and officials who tried to stop the work of rebuilding the temple.  They tried intimidation and challenged the authority the people had to do this work.

The evil officials even wrote a letter to King Darius, with the intention of stopping the work altogether.  But Your Word says the eye of their God was watching over the elders of the Jews and they were not stopped…”

The response to the letter backfired on the officials!  A search was made in the records, and it was found that indeed, King Cyrus had decreed that the temple in Jerusalem be rebuilt.  Also, the costs were to be paid by the by the royal treasury.

This meant that the very people who had hoped to stop the project, and even schemed to do so; now not only had to support the Jews in their rebuilding efforts, but pay them as well!  And not just supplies for the temple, but for the offerings too, on pain of death!

Lord, I do not hear You telling me to build You a temple.  I do not even see a great plan unfolding whereby I will have a significant impact on others. But, I seek to do all You have shown me:

walk in the power of Your Spirit,
worship You,
pray, sing, make music,
write down the wisdom You share with me,
treat people with Your love,
be obedient to Your Word,
align my attitudes and behaviors with Your teachings,
share my faith,
and make time to listen to Your voice.

Grant me what You provided for these Jews in their task.  As You sent them prophets, let me hear Your voice, encouraging and guiding me.  Allow Your “eye” to watch over me so I am not stopped when being obedient to You.

Turn any opposition, intimidation or forces that come against me, back on themselves, and cause their plans against me to backfire.  And even change them from enemies into co-workers that assist me in Your work.

Father, as You did for them, “give me strength and bless me with peace.”  Amen

Ezra 5:1-6:12; Psalm29:11


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