Oct 10 Send an Encourager

Friend Buddies Pals Best Friends Friendship

Father, each one of us needs to be encouraged in our walk with You.  Each one of us faces specific challenges and difficulties.   We may not be able to find direction, understanding and encouragement on our own.

You sent Paul and them Timothy to be an example and an encouragement to the Thessalonians.  Please send a mentor like Paul and an encourager like Timothy into my life, and into the lives of my loved ones.

Father, You know each of us so intimately, You would know the exact people to send, who can relate to us and speak words of encouragement and comfort and instruction into our individual lives.  You know how each of us needs to be “urged to live lives worthy of You.” 

Not just anyone qualifies to speak into our lives.  Father, would You “clear the way” for Your specific mentor to come to each of us and speak Your truth.   And like Paul’s prayer, would You “make our love increase and overflow for each other…and strengthen our hearts so that we will be blameless and holy in Your presence…”

I need You and Your truth in my personal life, my loved ones’ lives, and in my country.  I need Your encouragement to stay on the right path.  Send Pauls and Timothys; or for women – Paulas and Tabithas.  Men and women who will help us live for You.  Send Your truth.  Amen

I Thessalonians 2:9-12; 3:2-3; 11-13


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