Dec 2 Your Greatness and Provision

pexels-pixabay-289685Father, I can easily identify with the words of the Psalmist when he says “I lift my eyes up to the hills.”  The foothills of the Rocky Mountains are just outside my window.  Right now, they are snow covered, beautiful and glisten in the morning sun.  Their peaks point up, causing me to look up, heavenward, reminding me that it is You who made the mountains.  As massive and majestic as they are, You, their creator, are even more.

It could be that the Psalmist looked up to the hill in Jerusalem where the Temple stood: the place where Your presence touched earth for a time, and was reminded that his help came from You.

Or it could be that in looking at the hills, he was reminded that the Maker of the hills was far greater, and he should never rely on earthly strength for help.

The mountains I see are a daily reminder of the beauty You’ve placed around me.  They speak to me of Your protection, Your steadfast and eternal nature, Your boldness and the strength of Your character.   The Psalmist’s words that follow enumerate the qualities of Your care for me.

Thank You that I can know that You watch over me, night and day, without taking a break or sleeping.  I can trust that nothing happens to me that is not first sifted through You fingers of love.

Thank You for keeping my foot from slipping, for protecting me from harm from physical and spiritual enemies.  Thank You that You guard and keep me both now and for eternity.

And thank You for the hills: the daily, visual reminder or Your greatness and provision.  I lift my eyes up to the hills, and my spirit is lifted up, praising Your Name!  Amen

Psalm 121:1-8


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