A Journey

A Journey

I really never set a goal of writing a year of prayers.  Due to some unexpected health issues I had to drop out of all my Bible studies and Torah studies, and prayer groups.  My activities slowed to almost nothing, and I felt very lonely and useless compared to my ‘normal’ life of a few months before.  I went back to simply reading the Bible – without word searches, or looking up the Greek or Hebrew, no cultural reference resources, no cross-referencing with a concordance, no commentaries.

I felt so close to our Father, as if He were speaking directly to me from His Word!

It seemed as if each day, He would show me something to pray that intimately connected me to Him and applied to my life, using the verses in the One Year Bible from that day’s scriptures.  I began writing them down, appreciative of the blessing of His attention to me.

When a month went by, I was shocked, and wondered if it might last 2 months.  When May, and then July and then October came, I was stunned that it had continued for so long! I never made it a goal – but am continually humbled and blessed that every day, God is faithful and meets me where I am.

Now the year is over. And I am blown away! This whole year, God has brought enlightenment to my life from His Word.   And from His presence that I feel in the prayer time.

I believe what He showed me will help you too.   Let these prayers help you be more consistent and intentional in your prayer time.  Use them as a starting place to rejoice, cry out, and connect with Your Heavenly Father.  I pray they will open communication that will bless and thrill you!