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Feb 1 Where there is no way You make a way

Father, I pray this for many who are undergoing trials that seem overwhelming right now.


I pray that according to what You, the Holy One did for those who left Egypt when You delivered them out of the hand of Pharaoh at the Sea of Reeds in Exodus 14:19-31, You will do for this precious one in their time of trial, difficulty or crisis. [You interposed Yourself between Pharaoh’s army and your people who were in the desert trapped up against the Sea of Reeds. You kept them safe all night as You prepared their way of escape. You threw the enemy into a panic and vanquished the enemy completely. You gave them safe passage, making a way where there seemed to be none. And You gave them a wonderful deliverance.]

Lord God, will You now physically place Yourself between this one You love, who You have redeemed and whatever threatens their safety, their security and welfare; and personally assume responsibility for their protection – not because they deserve it by anything they have done, but for the sake of the eternal relationship You have with them.

May You keep vigil over them and send Your almighty Spirit to make a way of escape to deliver them. May You watch over them through the night, the dark time when they cannot see your hand at work on their behalf – may they feel Your protection even in light of seemingly overwhelming circumstances when they focus on the enemy.

As in Exodus 14:21 when You sent the ‘Ruach kadim’ generally translated as ‘east wind’ but literally meaning ‘the breath that was from before the first that was in the very beginning’ (reference to Genesis 1:2 when the earth was without form and void, and darkness was upon the face of the waters, and the Ruach [the breath or Spirit] of the Holy One moved over the face of the deep) may they feel the Ruach or Spirit of God moving in whatever challenge is facing them, as You make a way of escape for them.

May You set panic in the heart of their enemy and send that enemy into confusion so they may not be harmed. May none of the enemy’s weapons find their targets. May they even turn on themselves in the confusion.

May You vanquish the enemy before their eyes. May the enemy fall into the very pit they have dug as a trap and into the hands of a jealous and mighty God. May You totally repel and defeat the enemy on their behalf, because You love them.

We do not underestimate Your power, Holy One, our Covenant Partner. You know what is needed.   Provide for safe passage for them to the place of fulfillment of their purpose in life. They are Your handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do the works You prepared in advance for them. And You who began a good work in them will be faithful to complete it. You absolutely can and will do whatever You have to do to make a way even when there seems to be no way.

And may You, our Lord God, give an awesome aftermath, where they can tell others about the wondrous and mighty work of the Holy One on their behalf. May You give them a heart of gratitude and thanks that acknowledges You and gives You the glory. May their testimony be that in faith, they stood and saw the deliverance of the LORD. Amen

Exodus 13:17-14:31