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Aug 16 Your eyes, Your ears, Your heart


Father, thank You that I have a permanent righteousness that comes from You; so that I can know when You talk about “the righteous” in scripture, I am included.   And Your promises to them are true for me.  It’s like you are speaking right to me.


“Your eyes are on me”  is a double edged sword!  Realizing You are watching me is a powerful deterrent.  It helps me remember that I am accountable to You for my actions. 

You instruct me to “keep my tongue from evil and my lips from speaking lies.” Knowing You are watching me is often enough to stop me in my tracks, and think before I speak or act.  If I thought to impress someone or sway them to my argument with an exaggeration or lie, Your Holy Spirit reminds me that You know when I lie.  And I would have to live with the consequences and conviction if I proceeded with it.

You tell me to “turn from evil and do good, seek peace and pursue it.”  It is so easy to step into sin, to follow a broad path that others around me are taking without a thought.  But knowing “Your eyes are on me” challenges me to think about what I’m doing, regardless of what others are doing.

You remind me to be intentional about doing good.  When doing good, it is not likely that I will do what is evil.  So protection is built in to doing good and seeking peace.

But “Your eyes are on me” is also an awesome reassurance!  I know that You see everything!  Nothing that happens to me is beyond Your notice.   And You will rescue and defend me when I need help.

Your ears are attentive to my cry.”   You are as close as a whisper.  And when I call, “You hear me; You deliver me from all my troubles.”   Does this mean I will never have difficulties?  No.  But I will always know that You are with me.  That You will deliver me and give me Your peace.

“You are close to the brokenhearted.”  Oh Father, I have been there.  Circumstances in my life that have been the result of illnesses, accidents, injustice, evil – even my own ignorance or pride – they break my heart and bring me to my knees.  But in it all, I know that again, You are here.  You are with me.  You will help me through, no matter what.  You will lend me Your strength.

Thank You Father, that I have these assurances of Your attention, of Your presence, of Your power to save me.  It is all I need.  Amen

Psalm 34:11-22