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Apr 2 Lord of the Harvest


“The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few.”

Lord, I didn’t grow up on a farm like my father did, so many scriptural references to farming culture require research for my understanding.  I do understand that a crop is planted and cared for, grows, and when it reaches maturity is harvested in some fashion to gain the benefit of consuming it.

A pastor pointed out in a lesson, that as wheat grows, the topmost part of the stalk called the head, is where the grain is that constitutes the consumable portion of the plant.  As the individual kernels of wheat mature and ripen, they grow larger and heavier.  When the head of the stalk is heavy and bowed down, it is ready for harvest.

So also, he said, it can be observed with people…

The analogy here is that You Lord, are the farmer, the Lord of the harvest.  You plant and care for people in that You have ordained when each one of us will be born, and where and to whom.

People grow and mature also.  You “harvest” us when we are ready to accept the truth that You are the One True God; and believe that Your Son Jesus died on the cross for our sin as the only way to be reconciled to You, and confess with our mouth that we accept that reconciliation and will serve You as our Lord.  When we are reconciled to You, we can help with the harvest, bringing others to know You.

As I can now share the truth with others, there are many ways of reaching people with Your message of good news.  One thing I can look for, to see if people are ready to hear, is the same as with the wheat: when their heads are heavy and bowed down!

For many people, they must come to the end of themselves and their efforts before they are ready to accept You into their lives.   One way to recognize this, is that they will often look tired, worn out or discouraged.  It may be that all I have to do is ask how they are, or what is wrong, or if there is anything I can pray for them about, to do my part in the “harvesting.”

Father, help me be mindful of people who are ready to hear about You and how much You love them and want a personal relationship with them.  Give me the time to listen, and the words to say that will help me be an effective worker in the harvest.  Amen

Luke 10:1-4

Oct 8 Worship the Creator, not the created


Jeremiah points out the worthlessness of the idols that the people made for themselves. They were made of wood or stone. They had to be carried from place to place. They had no awareness and no power. Yet the people superstitiously bowed down to them. What a stark contrast to You! There is “No one like You, Lord”.


You made, literally created, the earth! You imagined it, and then spoke it into being. When You speak, it trembles. When You thunder, the waters storm with hurricane force. “You are the Creator of everything that exists.” If I were to worship anything else, I would be as Jeremiah described his people, and the whole human race: “stupid and foolish…without knowledge”.

Jeremiah also encourages me not to fear the predictions of those who look elsewhere for their wisdom. So I need not be afraid of false prophets, horoscopes or those who seek to divine the future from the stars. You made the stars. So I worship the Maker, not what was made.

Paul was in chains for his speaking out about who You are. That is not a current threat where I live. Help me “be wise in the way I act towards outsiders, and make the most of every opportunity. Let my conversation be full of grace and seasoned with salt, so that I may know how to answer everyone.” Show me when to speak, and what to say. And when to hold my tongue. So many people are put off of Christianity because of the actions and attitudes of Christians. Let me be a beacon of light to others as I walk the walk, and talk the talk in grace and love.

Show me what it means to “Devote myself to prayer, being watchful and thankful”. I strive to express my thanks in prayer and allow time for You to speak to me, not just deliver a list of requests. Thank You Father, that You, the matchless King of the Universe, hear my prayers.   And thank You that You answer them. Help me to be watchful for Your answers. And wait on Your timing. I trust in the Creator of all things. Amen

Jeremiah 10:1-16; Colossians 4:1-6