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Oct 21 Have one…Be one


Father, You could have picked up Jeremiah and set him in a safe place far away from those who accused him and sought his life. You could have lifted him out of that cistern Yourself! He already had Your promise: “Do not be terrified…they will fight against you but will not overcome you, for I am with you and will rescue you.”   But You didn’t give the details of what that rescue would look like.

Father, I seek to be obedient to all You tell me to do. But sometimes, even acting honorably, I have been misunderstood. Lord, when I am accused wrongly, bring those who will act on my behalf. Like Ebed-Melek did for Jeremiah, let there be those who will support, defend, and help me.

Also, Father, use me. Let me act like Ebed-Melek, defending others who You have sent to do Your work. Spur me to action when I hear of wrongs. Show me how to help, being commanding and compassionate as he was. He didn’t just drop a rope, but interceded with authorities, got clothing for padding, and brought help to lift Jeremiah out of the mud-bottomed cistern.

Help me Lord to be trusting in trials; that You will send help. And give me courage to help those who need it.   Amen

Jeremiah 1:17,19; 37:1-38:13