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Feb 29 You are the light

Father, thank You for this verse for the New Year.  I read it out loud several times a day and it encourages me:

“Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord rises upon you.  See, darkness covers the earth and thick darkness is over the peoples, but the Lord rises upon you and His glory appears over you.”


You ARE the light that will dispel the darkness.  It is time for me to arise and shine!  To step out of the shadows, into the purpose You have called me to.  You have come to deliver us out of the darkness!  Your glory rises upon us like the sun breaking over the horizon.  As we bask in the warmth and light of Your glory we will have enough light to see the next step to take out of the darkness.

Yes, “darkness covers the earth.”  Our times feel darker than any we have lived in: wars, politically correct agendas, manipulation by the media, religions and ideologies becoming more and more violent and spreading across the world producing so much fear and conflict.

And truly “thick darkness is over the peoples.”  So many are being personally deceived by the lies of satan.  It has many believing there is no hope.

BUT!  “The LORD rises upon you and His glory appears over you!”  So there IS hope!

Because of Your love for us, You rise upon us.  And Your glory can dispel the darkness around us.  It is a sign for us to stop hiding and being timid – to arise and shine!  And it is our protection appearing over us.

Thank You for this hope.  Thank You for Your light.  Thank You that it is time.  Amen

Isaiah 60:1-2

June 9 Something bigger than myself

hot-air-balloon-glory of God

Father, Show me something bigger than myself, that I can be a part of, for Your glory. I believe You put in each person You created, a desire to be part of something great, even epic: an adventure! I don’t always understand this longing, but it comes back to seeking my purpose in life.

You gave Solomon a mission, delivered from his father: a charge to build a house for Your name. It was something that took great resources, many gifted craftsmen, thousands of laborers coming together, time, and hard work. And they created a masterpiece! It was incredible to behold, stood for many years, and attained a regional if not worldwide reputation that is known about today.

You called Abram out of obscurity and brought him to a land You promised to his descendants forever. He believed by faith, and worked toward Your goal, but never saw its completion. He was part of a covenant relationship with You that brought forth the greatest story ever told.

I have a desire to be part of something also: something that will bring glory to Your name.  I long to do something that I cannot do alone – something I will need to rely on You for the strength and inspiration to do.

Will You show me, in Your perfect timing, what it is? I trust You are preparing me already with the gifts, talents, skills, wisdom, and resources I will need.   And that when You are ready You will open my eyes to see what it is.   I do not want to live my life just getting by from one day to the next.

I also know that whatever I can achieve on my own is not divine, or an epic adventure. Without You, I can do nothing. With You, I can do anything! Inspire me Lord. Empower me. Let me be part of Your great plan. Amen

I Kings 5:1-6:38; Acts 7: 1-29; Psalm 127:1-2