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Mar 1 Your hand

surreal-1447617_1920Lord God, I acknowledge that all power and all authority rests with You.  You are Sovereign over all the earth, the heavens and all that is in them.

You made them and by Your hand, all things are sustained and kept in motion.  When Jesus says “all things are possible with God.”  I have no trouble believing it!

There is no power that can stand against You.

So when I’m feeling lost, or overwhelmed, or helpless, or even hopeless, I will remember that my God can do anything!  You can provide a way of escape.  Or move mountains.  Or work blessings out of tragedy.

You know of solutions I cannot even imagine.  You can make a way, where there is no way.

You can give me strength when I am weak.  Lift my spirits when I am down.  You know how to encourage me when I think I cannot go another step.

You inspire me to begin a journey.  And empower me to keep going.   You reveal wonders to me that are beyond my understanding.   And were I to spend every moment of every day for the rest of my life, I would not begin to see all the things that are possible with You!

You amaze me!  I am so humbled and blessed, knowing that You are My God.  And I worship You.  Amen

Mark 10:27


July 23 Help me parent

hands-1022028_640Lord, I think of how far Rehoboam fell from the standards of his father, Solomon and grandfather, David. It is so sad that all the faith and wisdom died with the very next generation!

If David took such care to prepare the work of his son, why didn’t Solomon do the same with his son Rehoboam?

Earthly fathers are so flawed compared to You. Some do a wonderful job of teaching their children about You and reflecting the love and acceptance that You have for each of us.

Unfortunately, some do not. Some are the source of awful pain and harsh treatment. Sometimes their hardness even blocks their children from coming to know You for a long, long time.

But thanks be to You! “Who reached down from on high and took hold of me; You drew me out of deep waters. You rescued me from my powerful enemy, from those who were too strong for me…You were my support! You brought me out into a spacious place; You rescued me because You delighted in me.”

Thank You for providing salvation and hope for those who were not as fortunate as I in having a loving, caring father. Thank You that whatever the hurt, You can heal and protect.

Father, help me be a loving, caring, godly parent. Forgive the mistakes I’ve made. Help my children overcome them and find their way to the gifts and the purpose You have for them. And protect them from mistakes I’ll make in the future.

I look to You for wisdom in guiding and teaching them. Help me pass on a real and living faith to the next generation, whether my own children, or others You bring into my life. Help me live out my faith in a visible, tangible way that will be a light to their path and be an inspiration to their lives.   “Your way is perfect. Your Word is flawless”. Let my life illustrate that. Amen

2 Chronicles 8:11-10:19; Psalm 18:16-19