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Mar 4 Worship! And Stand!


Clap your hands! Raise your voice! Sing hymns and worship songs at the top of your lungs! Put on a worship music tape and crank up the volume! Don’t be bashful – show your joy! Your God is the One and Only True God who has more power than any person, any force, anything on this earth!

He is more powerful than Mother Nature! He rose from the dead while other proclaimed ‘deities’ are in their graves! The story of His creating the earth and choosing a people for Himself has been a best seller ever since there has been a printing press! It has been translated into 3,223 languages!

I live in a country that, by His grace, has up till now subdued every enemy who has come against us keeping our nation free from persecution and outside rule. He chose to bless us and show His love to us in our freedoms and prosperity.

We do not live in subject to a king, but Jesus Christ is my King – the King of Kings! I owe Him my praise and will sing out to Him.   I will hum quietly, sway and clap, sing in the shower, and with others at gatherings. I will play any instrument I can, write new songs, sing along with youtube videos that make me cry, and continue to sing through tears!

God reigns and rules, but not from an earthly throne in a temple or synagogue or sanctuary. And not on a mountaintop or in a river or floating on a cloud. There is a reality that cannot be seen by the human eye and cannot be described completely by human words. And in that place, is a great throne room, with Him seated on His Holy throne.

Because I cannot see it, Jesus draws me pictures with parables: a vineyard owner who went on a journey renting out the land. This is something I can visualize and understand. Though the owner is not present, he exists, and is still the owner, and is due the income from the land and the respect of the people.   It is the same with God. Just because I cannot see Him, I should not doubt He is real. Or think that He will not come for what is His.

When the storm comes, and I believe it is coming to our country in my time, and has swept by; O Lord, may I still be standing firm. Amen

Mark 12:1-12; Psalm 47:1-9; Proverbs 10:25