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Jan 3 be like Noah

Lord God Almighty, I know it is only by Your great mercy, and Your steadfastness, holding to Your promise to Noah and the animals, that You do not destroy the earth again by flood. Surely there is as much evil and corruption present now, in my time, as there was then. Surely You must look around and see that the earth is full of violence and are saddened that You created man. It must grieve You and fill Your heart with pain when You see how people treat You, Your earth and each other. You have the power to wipe man and beast from the face of the earth again. And I am in awe, and grateful that You do not.
006-noah-arkFather, for myself and other believers, help us be more like Noah. Let us hear Your voice like Noah did: in a way that we understand who You are and what You are telling us to do. And help us respond as Noah did, in obedience, doing all that You commanded.
Show us, Lord, how to draw away from the violent, corrupt, evil influences of the earth and our flesh. Let us see where in our circumstances we are not listening to Your voice or receiving Your instruction. There will be temptations. Even You, when You walked the earth, were tempted. You went into the wilderness where needs became great, yet were not overcome by the devil’s temptation. We also are tempted: by our own appetites, our desire for fame and for power. Yet You have promised that You will not let us be tempted beyond what we can bear – because of Your faithfulness. You will show us a way of escape. Give us the strength to overcome those temptations, and take the way of escape. Help us make righteous choices when tempted. And to tell the devil to stay away from us. Help us remember that when we submit to You, and resist the devil, then he will flee. Let us remember that we are Your children, Your sons, Your daughters; and find strength in that relationship.

Instruct us to worship You and serve You. And send Your angels to come and attend us when we are weak and in need.

“You Oh Lord are a shield around me.” If I have any glory it is because you have chosen to bestow it on me. You lift up my head when it is bent over in exhaustion, in shame, in weakness, and let me see Your glorious face. As I cry to You, You answer.

When I lay down it is You who sends peaceful sleep. When I awaken, it is because You have sustained me and protected me throughout the night and have brought me back to experience another day. Help me not to fear the enemies, physical or spiritual, who come against every aspect of my life; who seek to attack my health, my family, my relationships, my work, my attitudes, my spirit. But let me see You. Arise Father! And deliver me! Strike my enemies, physical and spiritual – breaking their teeth so their bite is not damaging in any way.

I know that my deliverance is from You. May all who call on You, myself included, see the blessings You have poured out on us today. Amen.

Genesis 6:1-7:24; Matthew 4:1-11; Psalm 3:1-8