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Aug 8 Help me be like…

Heavenly Father, what a rich heritage Ezra had.  Usually I just skim over the names listed in genealogies, but somehow this time, these names seemed familiar.

BelieversHeritage Tree

I know Hilkiah – during Josiah’s reign, he was the priest who found the Book of the Law that had been lost in the Temple.  He brought Your Word back to the people so they could hear Your Word and have their hearts respond with humility.  They returned to worship You.  In last week’s prayer I prayed that I would hear all Your Word has to tell me, and that my heart would be responsive and humble too.

I remember Zadok.  He was the priest who remained loyal to David when David’s son Absalom was chasing him out of Jerusalem.  Zadok prayed for David, offered sacrifices, and escorted him with the Arc of the Covenant.  Then at David’s request, he stayed behind in Jerusalem to be his spy. And I prayed that I would have the loyalty and support of my friends, and be a loyal support to them.

Phinehas, Aaron’s grandson, stands out as a man who was so zealous for Your Word that he drove a spear through a Midianite woman and her Israelite lover who were flagrantly breaking Your Law.   This turned back Your wrath from the people and stopped a plague.  You gave Phinehas a covenant of peace and perpetual priesthood for he and his descendants.  Father, I desire to have that zeal for Your Word.

And Aaron, Moses’ brother, who You spoke through when You freed Your people from Egypt’s Pharaoh.  He became the first High Priest, entrusted with carrying out Your Law.  You separated him from the other tribes to be Your representative in intercession for all Israel.  Only the High Priest could approach You.

O Father, what a rich heritage for Ezra, who is now the one taking a copy of Your Word back from the Babylonian exile to the people.  He will be Your representative in the land, reading and teaching Your Law once again to Your people.

Father, let me be like Ezra and all those in his line.  Like Aaron, I can now approach You personally and come boldly before Your throne of grace because of Your redemptive work on the cross.

Give me a desire to obey You like Phinehas, and help me be loyal and an intercessor like Zadok.  Make my heart humble to Your Word revealed by Hilkiah and returned to Your people by Ezra.

Thank You Father for each one in this line, who zealously guarded and revealed Your Word to others.  Let me do the same.  Amen

Ezra 7:1-7

Jul 12 Give me Victory!

Father, I want to be like the men You sent to be with David to make up his great army.  These were men described as “armed for battle…ready for battle…brave…experienced…of undivided loyalty…armed with every type of weapon.”   I want to be ready for the battles I face.

war-2362300_640My flesh wars with me, tempting me into sin.  The world around me seeks to draw me into its ungodly values.  The evil one desires my destruction. Give me the discernment to know right from wrong in these confusing times and the courage to be loyal to You.  Help me be prepared to stand up for what is right.

You have given me weapons: Your Word, prayer, Your promise of wisdom when I ask for it, other believers around me for support.  I know the power there is real.  I have seen it over and over again.  I have experienced Your blessings and amazing responses to prayer time and time again.

I also desire to be like the “men of Issachar, who understood the times and knew what Israel should do.”   Give me insight into the political and national issues and wisdom to understand the agendas behind the movements going on in my world today.  Help me see the truth of things.  Teach me to understand how to follow You and show me how to respond rightly.

Do not let me stand alone, Lord.  You sent Paul “so that he might impart to you [other believers] some spiritual gift to make you strong – that is, that you and I may be mutually encouraged by each other’s faith.”   In a similar way Lord, let me encourage and strengthen other believers around me, and let them encourage my faith.

Father, thank You for the friends and all those You have sent to walk beside me.  Thank You for those who have prayed for me and for the prayers I make for them.

Your armor is the best.  Your plan is sure.  And I have read the end of the Book – You win!!  I am so glad to be on Your team!  Thank You for choosing me.  Amen

I Chronicles 12:19-40; Romans 1:11-12

May 30 You are Hope and Help

Heart of handsFather, make me more like David. Even when fleeing from Jerusalem, a time of distress and uncertainty, his faith was strong knowing You were with him. The people he ruled over loved him and wept as he fled.

The priests made intercession and offered sacrifices as David left the city. They were prepared to go with him, but obeyed his request to stay behind and basically use their sons as secret couriers for David. Another friend agreed to stay behind and act as a spy. David prayed that the council of his enemy would be “turned into foolishness”.

A servant met him on the road with provisions, food, and donkeys for David and his household.   And when a man came showering stones and dirt clods on him, he took no revenge, but was humble to accept whatever You might be allowing to happen to him.

Father, when I am in trouble, do the same for me.  Call in others to intercede and pray for me. Let me see support from those You have placed around me. Bring friends who are willing to act on my behalf and are faithful and loyal to me. And in their time of difficulty, let me be a loyal support for them.

Thwart the plans of my enemy, by turning their counsel into foolishness.   Bring people alongside me who can encourage me and offer what I need to get through the hardship. And help me, like David, to keep a faithful and humble attitude; accepting whatever comes from Your hand, not insisting on my own edification or revenge.

Lord, I know hard times will come. Thank You that I can call on You and depend on You to get me through them.   You will sustain me according to Your promise, uphold me, and deliver me. And You will never let my hopes be dashed.   You will take care of me as You did David. Thank You that I can call on You. Thank You that I can depend on You. Thank You that I can trust You. I give You all my praise. Amen

2 Samuel 15:23-16:23; Psalm 119:116-117